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Wellco Bedroom Nightstand, Classic Vintage Living room End Table Open Storage Style Side Table

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  • Vintage Style - This small end table has a retro old look, adding a trace of historical charm to your family. Elegant, curved front legs are very firmly built. Each panel edge has artistic carving lines. Those chic modelling can also highlight the owner's taste. The hind leg uses horizontally hollow out plate, appearing light and charming. The end table has four ellipsoid lower legs, allowing this product to service you at the right height.
  • High-quality Accessories& Preferred Material Frame - This product is made of Acacia wood as a frame, LVL and firm MDF as accessories. Each layer is made of 15mm MDF and the front curved leg is carved from 20 * 20 LVL. Four small round legs thick 80mm, making this table beautiful, robust and durable.
  • Three Options for Color - Take account of different preferences of users, this retro style end table comes in three different colors, namely white, dark mint and espresso. Each color is nice and deliberately peeling the paint. The white one can be very good with your other furniture, enhance the style of the home. The Dark mint one is the most chic thing, which can shine at home. The espresso one represents low-key and introverted, slightly revealing a hint of expensiveness, highlighting the taste of the owner.
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