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WellcoStore Member Description

R members:Register and log in to become Registered Member of our store

Member Rights:
Gift for register: 200 points will be added immediately after registration, and every 20 points equals $1 can be deducted when proceeding check out. In addition, enjoy exclusive gift vouchers for new member’s referral, with a coupon code provided by email after new member’s successful enrollment.
Shopping points:The points obtained by R members can be used to deduct the amount at the time of check out during points redemption period.
Event notice: New products, event promotions and store information, etc. will be sent in the form of EDM.

W members:Register and log in and follow the Facebook page of WellcoStore to become WellcoStore Members of this store
Member Rights:
All rights enjoyed by R members. In addition, W members will also enjoy the following exclusive privileges.
Gift for registe:After successfully joining the membership, contact the Facebook group administrator to immediately receive a membership red envelope, which contains two exclusive coupons and a store gift. The gift is given with the first order.
Exclusive customer service: Eligible members can enjoy the reception priority, after-sales service priority and event notification services.
[Reception priority]: When you consult on Facebook, you can get a more timely response, which greatly reduces the waiting time for you.

[After-sales priority]: When there are any after-sales problems that need to be dealt with, we will give you priority to match your exclusive customer service on Facebook, and solve the after-sales problems for you as soon as possible.

[Event Notice] Knowing the discount sales earlier, new arrival, store information, and knowledge sharing, all will add a touch of fun to your life.  

Exclusive offers

  Every week, we will provide 2-3 times of special discounts for W members in our Facebook group. A lucky drawing will be held biweekly, and best-selling products in the store will be given for free. After winning the prize, you can pick it up in the store within a limited period.

Inventory clearance sales

We will regularly publish inventory clearance sale information in the group, and you can see all the product details and discount information online. When finding something interested, contact our Facebook group administrator in order to secure the wanted item(s), for picking up at our warehouse showroom located at 2095 California Ave. Corona CA92881.


Points rules:

Store points accumulated by members through transactions and interactions can be used to deduct the amount during check out, and exchange points during the validity period of the points, while the store gifts for redemption of points need to be presented after placing any order in the store.

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the store, and every 20 points can be deducted for $1 at the time of check out.
  • After participating in the redemption of product points, only product quality related order couldbe refunded.
  • Points rules are subject to change made by Wellcostore, and updates will be posted timely.
    Points redeemed coupons and member-exclusive coupons get expired if they are not used.
  • When returning the goods for a refund, all points/coupons used in the order will be refunded.