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R Member: Register and log in to become an R member of our store
member benefits:
[Registration gift]: 200 points will be added immediately after registration, and $1 will be deducted at checkout for every 50 points. In addition, you can also enjoy exclusive gift coupons recommended by new members. After successful registration, new members will be provided with coupon codes by email.
[Points redemption]: The points obtained by R members can be deducted from the amount at checkout during the points redemption period.
[Event notice]: New products, event promotions, store information, etc. will be sent by email.

W Member: Register and log in to join WellcoStore's Facebook group to become a W member of the store
member benefits:
All rights enjoyed by R members. In addition, W members will also enjoy the following exclusive benefits.
[Exclusive gift]: After successfully joining the membership, contact the Facebook group administrator to immediately receive a member red envelope, which includes two exclusive coupons and a store gift. Gifts are given with the first order.
[Reception priority]: When you consult on Facebook, you can get a more timely reply, which greatly reduces your waiting time.
[After-sales priority]: When there is an after-sales problem that needs to be dealt with, we will give you priority in matching Facebook's exclusive customer service, and solve the after-sales problem for you as soon as possible.
[Event Forecast]: Learn about discounts and promotions, new product launches, store information, and knowledge sharing in advance to add a little fun to your life.
[Group Activities]: Every week, we will provide 2-3 special discounts for W members in our Facebook group. A lucky draw is held every two weeks, giving away best-selling items in the store for free. After winning the prize, you can pick it up at the store within a limited time.
[Clearance Offer]: We will regularly publish inventory clearance information in the group, and you can view all product details and discount information online. When you find something of interest, please contact our Facebook group admin to secure desired items for pickup at our warehouse showroom at 2095 California Ave, Corona, CA 92881.


Points Rules
The store points accumulated by members through transaction interaction can be deducted at the time of checkout, and points can be exchanged for points within the validity period, and store gifts redeemed by points must be presented after placing an order in the store. For details, click Wellcostore Points Rules