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Dog starfish brush toy

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  • Product size : Length X Width X Height (thickness) / 6.5 inches X 6.5 inchesX1.6 inches/ 16.5 cm X16.5 cm X 4.1 cm
  • Food Grade Material : This starfish dog chew toy is made of high quality (TPR) Thermo-Plastic-Rubber Material . It's very environmentally friendly and healthy and durable . It has good resilience and wear resistance, anti-skid and shock absorption, soft texture, very suitable for pet dogs to bite. It has good temperature resistance( can be used between- 45 ~ 90 ℃) and aging resistance, and can be reused for a long time. It's very very good for your dog's physical and mental health.
  • Unique Designs: Unique attractive starfish appearance design.According to the dog chewing habits,Not only has the circular molar column,but has Serrated Molar Bumps and Pointed Molar Teeth design.When bites it ,the molar bumps will create greater friction on the molars ,which can clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars. Also,Curved Cleaning Tank can clean the dog's sharp teeth from top to bottom. Dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied ,effectively ensure the daily oral health.
  • Squeaky Toys: The dog chew toy has a special design,a whistle is placed on the top of the toy,which has a sounding function,when the dogs bite the starfish toy,it will make a squeaky to attract the dog's attention,like interacting with a dog,which can increase the dog's interest in games greatly, and avoid the dog's loneliness!
  • Ideal Gift for Your Puppy : It is a ideal gift for your puppy,dogs. It can training your dogs agality,clean teetch,relieve anxiey,and improve IQ. Keep Health and Happy!
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