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Dog bear food toy

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  • Multi-Function:This product is a multifunctional food dispensing toy and it can be used for cats and dogs.
  • No Electricity Required:The toy can be shaken bach and forth by a nudge from pet.So that it can increase the fun of the toy.
  • Interact with the Owner:You can increase the relationship between the owner and the pet by playing with this toy together.
  • Food Dispensing Toy: When the toy is shaken back and forth, snacks will leak out of it, so that it can increase the fun of the toy and make the pet eat slow to protect the pet's gastrointestinal health.
  • Relieve Anxiety:Playing with this toy often can relieve pets' anxiety and improve pets' IQ. When they are at home, the toy can prevent pets from demolishing their homes and will not damage homes and clothing.
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