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Dog ball brush toy

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  • Safe & Durable-Upgraded TPR Rubber: Qucey dog chew toy made of TPR rubber, which is more safe, soft and durable than ordinary rubber. The high-toughness TPR rubber is not only can help them to clean teeth, but also it soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums
  • Specially Design for Dog Teeth Clean: Our dog toothbrush toy is specifically design into serrated grooves according to the shape of pet dog teeth. Different sorted zigzag shapes can help dogs thoroughly clean plaque 360° to keep your dog oral healthy and fresh
  • Suitable for most chewers: A safe chew toy is wider than your dog's mouth. This will prevent your pooch from accidentally swallowing or choking during a chewing session. The inner channel can place small snacks, increase the dog's interest in dog toothbrush chew toys. It suitable for small medium and large dogs, even your dog is aggressive chewer
  • Why Your Dog Need This Dog Chew Brush Toy: You can use our dog dental chew toy to train your dogs for increasing the intimacy between dogs and you. Help dogs clean their teeth, relieve anxiety, maintain a healthy weight and pass boring time
  • Stress Relive for Boredom: Dogs staying at home every day will often lose their energy and feel depressed, which will tear up the furniture at home. Playing chew toys with puppies can calm down and effectively relieve their stress
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