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Cat foot teaser

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  • ✿Product Spotlight✿: This feather cat toys are Hands-free interactive cat toys. It can be installed on the top of the shoe. The feathers on top can be moved through the irregular swing of the feet, which can attract the cat attention and allow cat to chase. It can increase cat activity, strengthen cat physique and intelligence, increase the intimacy between owner and cat. Great Concept Cat Toys for Indoor Cats!
  • ✿Simple Installation✿: Step 1: Passing the two velcro tapes through the corresponding holes and fold the tail in half and stick it to the soft fiber part according to actual sizes. Step 2: Insert the feather head into the hard hole plug on top of the teaser stick, and then insert the bottom of the combined spring directly into the hole on the toy. Now you have an excellent retractable cat wand!
  • ✿ Package Included✿: This cat stuff contains 1 pc cat string toy +4pcs random colour springs +2pcs fluffy rattle toys. This combo gives different fun joys to your kitty and could really get your cat exercise. They are all perfect toys for cats.
  • ✿Hot Tips✿: This cat teaser wand is made of ABS material which is durable and tough. However the feather head is quite fragile and we are working on the more durable da bird head for subsititue. Currently we are offering 4 more free feather heads.
  • ✿Ideal Gift for Cats✿: Cat owner can never have too many toys or treats for their precious fluffy friends. This cat wand is fun, durable, long lasting and helps keep cats happy and healthy. What a great kitten toys!
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