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welcome wellcostore!

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About Us

Who are we?

Wellco Store is a local retailer, aim to bring the factories’ brands directly to your door. As a local consumer, you could purchase directly from multiple manufacturers of Bedding & Bath, Kitchen &Dinning, Patio & Gardening Supplies, and more other home goods from Wellco Store.


Compared with Traditional Retailer, Wellco Store is focused

  • Manufactures sell directly to Consumers through our retailer stores
  • With a physical location, Wellco stands behind what we sell and you can purchase with confidence and provide more customer service with real human beging
  • We sell to, while also serve our community, Wellco Store keeps a tight connection with community, we give back community


Wellco Store, now located in Corona, has a 90,000 sq.ft warehouse and showroom, and a door open retail store in Corona Village. All items you are interested are available for online and in-store purchase.


Our Mission

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Mutual beneficial family to our suppliers, customers and founders.

Spare no efforts to continuously improve what we offer

To get more information, contact us.