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About Us

Who are we?

WellcoStore.com is a platform launched by four original manufacturing factories for brands on E-commerce Marketplaces.WellcoStore.com brings the factory floor directly to your door.  Purchase directly from multiple manufactures of Home Gardening Supplies, Bedding & Bath Goods, Lovely Furniture and More!


Traditional Sales Model

  • Manufactures sell to Wholesale Distributors who mark-up the price 20-30%
  • Wholesale Distributors sell to Retail Stores who mark-up the price 50-60%
  • Retail Stores sell to Consumers who pay 75-100% over factory direct pricing

Traditionally the mark-ups were necessary to cover the Distributors cost of warehousing, security and then add the Retail costs of a brick & mortar building that requires sales clerks, cleaning and insurance.  


Our Sales Model

  • Manufactures sell directly to Consumers through our on-line store
  • WellcoStore.com eliminates the mark-ups of Wholesale Distributors and Retail Stores

WellcoStore.com stands behind what we sell and you can purchase with confidence from our website easily from the comfort of your own home.  We bring the factory floor directly to your door.

You will find multiple ways to pay for your order and many shipping options – so get it your way.


But what if you can’t wait for delivery and want to avoid the shipping costs and save more?

Visit our  showroom inside a huge warehouse with about 90,000 sq. ft. of interesting items available for online order pickup and/or immediate purchase that you can take home today.  You may find something that has not been added to our online catalog yet.


Our Mission

Join and Share

We want to make our platform a mutual beneficial family to sellers, customers and founders.

We make all participants smile regardless you sell or you shop with us.

We spare no efforts to continuously improve what we offer.