About us

Wellco Store, a retailer store located in Corona 92081, is operated by Wellco Industries Inc.

As a brand retailer store, Wellco Store covers its best-seller SKU and products of Bedding, Home Decor, Smart home/office furniture, Lawn & Garden supplies, and also provides customer with Household Supplies, & Personal care products, pet products, clothing as option of places enjoying your shopping time.

All products in Wellco Store is the most needy and popular style as customer may buy online before, then you can always find the best-seller products on local Wellco Store.


Wellco Store, is also a new business model of alliance retailer network. It joints the business owner or who want to have its own retailer business at a minimum put-in, also joints the advantages of researching and gathering information online, getting what you needed, then go get it in a nearest store at most convenience.


Philosophy of Wellco Store:

  • Surfing online & shopping onsite
  • Alliance makes us stronger and competitive
  • Surprise and delight our customers
  • Time to enjoy shopping, go get right now, no wait
  • To communicate, see, touch, feel and try out
  • Satisfaction shopping without wrong and return/refund


Why Wellco Store?

Competitive Price

Based on its DNA of manufacturer, Wellco Store managed the cost among every process of production and supply chain, then with its own factory and sales system, no more leader fee and just fewer marketing fee, then Wellco Store ensure all products sold is at a competitive, at least 20% than other stores, while 40% than online offers.


100% Satisfaction Customer Service

We believe customers are the original force of our beginning and they are making the future of us, we always be helpful and improve our products and service upon customer’s suggestion.  Understand customer better and continuously strive to provide more satisfaction.


Product Quality Guarantee

Ensure high quality of our products, it matters to all of our customers and our community, and we believe only the products with high quality can last long. All products of Wellco Store are provided in a full and well managed supply chain with Wellco Store’s supply chain. And we always do improvement and correction at the first time when we get any feedback or advice to make a better products.


Delighted shopping experience

We try to help you throughout your shopping, when you are browsing online, we provide all details we think you should know, just for your convenience and reference, when you shop in store, our shop assistant are always be there, and you can also join our brand communication to get more information or discuss topics with the people nearby . And we provide flexible customer service upon kinds different questions for you. We sincerely hope you can shop easier and happier here.